Spruzza is an on-board cooling system that attaches quickly and easily to your bike. Spruzza “air-conditions” by allowing you to spray just enough water to cover and cool your head, face and neck.

The relief from the heat is immediate. With Spruzza you can stay ahead of mounting heat stress – a long standing barrier to sustained cycling performance and enjoyment.

For the first time effective, efficient cooling is at your fingertips anytime you want it. A Spruzza unfilled weighs less than an iPhone and filled [approximately 5 fl. ounces] weighs 60% less than a full water bottle [24 fl. ounces]. Light weight, aerodynamic and stylish, Spruzza really is “A Cooler Way to Ride™.”

Spruzza works on the “80/20 Rule”. On hot rides 80% of the time you’d like to be 20 degrees cooler. Think about it. When it’s hot, nobody gets tired of cooling down. Any cyclist can now easily and instantly lower the temperature of their skin from head to upper chest as much as 15-25 degrees.

Remember all the great rides you’ve done but suffered from the heat. Well now you can remember the ride and not the heat.

Remember this too, no matter what type of bike you ride – you’re still the engine. Never let your engine overheat.