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The Spruzza is an on-board cooling system you simply attach to your bike. The Spruzza "air-conditions" by allowing you to spray a stream of water on your head, face and neck. The relief from the heat is immediate.

With the Spruzza, you will stay well ahead of the cooling curve – that long standing barrier to sustained cycling performance and enjoyment.

Near equal in weight to an iPhone in its case, the Spruzza really is a cooler way to ride.™ And while beating the heat barrier, we promise you'll not only feel better, but you'll perform better!

The Spruzza is based on the "80/20 Rule." During hot riding seasons, 80% of the time we would like to be 20 degrees cooler. Now for the first time with the Spruzza, cyclists can lower their perceived temperatures 15-25 degrees for rides of any duration!

Imagine – better yet, just think back to – all the times you’ve suffered from the heat and how much better you would have performed or enjoyed your ride if you weren’t so beaten-down by the heat! It's simple: when you stay cool, you rider stronger, longer, and safer...all thanks to the Spruzza.

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