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How OR Why?

Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 6.20.34 PMIf you’re talking to someone who has accomplished something significant in any field which question do you ask or maybe ask first? How did you do that? Or, Why did you do that?

I think most of ask how. Although I must admit my parents usually asked me why…on earth…did you do that, but I think you realize this is another story.

I’m talking about significant and positive accomplishments.

I think asking why is more insightful because all or nearly all meaningful accomplishments cost something and involve much personal sacrifice. If you can learn to understand a persons why and compile a catalog of those why’s, when you find yours you will figure out the how.

Why have we spent many hours and dollars to design, engineer and manufacture a Spruzza?

The shortest answer I can give is because nobody gets tired of cooling down. It feels good every single time. The fact is everybody’s body likes to stay cool and although “cool” can spread across several degrees and degrees of comfort at somepoint the build up of heat effects our comfort, performance or even the ability to move.

I like to move by bicycling, in fact I love it. If you’re reading this you probably do to. Maybe you, like me have spent considerable money on the bike and a cacophony of stuff to make the ride more enjoyable whether enjoyable means performance, endurance or just being comfortable.

Spruzza’s why is to allow and encourage more people to get moving on bikes during the best times of the year to ride…late spring through summer and early fall. Long days and generally good weather. It just gets a bit hot.

A Cooler Way to Ride™ might just be the HOW you need for WHY you ride.

– All the best from Spruzza

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