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Pure Mountain Mojo “Find your Magic Power”



Pure Mountain Mojo

Mojo  means “Magic Power” An indescribable zone we get into and allows us to
accomplish the difficult or the impossible.

I’ve got books, maps, Strava routes, stories from friends and my own memories of
roads I’ve driven that should have been and someday may be “epic rides.”

All these too often get stuck forever or for too long in the bucket of
possibilities, in that fuzzy category of “someday”.
As tempting as these rides are and as well intentioned as we might be these epic
rides are surrounded by barriers and unknowns that keep them sinking deeper and
deeper into the bottom of our bucket list.

What are the roads like, what if I bonk in a strange place, will I have cell
reception,  is this climb of 4000 feet like all the other 4000 foot climbs I’ve
done? What if I get lost? You probably get the picture.

I found my solution my mojo the “magic power” to break through the barriers,
unknowns and fears.

Today I connected with my son and a good friend and had a custom SAG supported
ride by Pure Mountain Mojo. We headed out on a ride I’ve envisioned for years
but before never broke through my inhibitions to get it done. Kelly Payne owner
and operator of Pure Mountain Mojo had a turn by turn directions he personally
mapped out. Significant road hazards were identified, land marks and milestones
were clearly pointed out. His work gave us a palpable sense of confidence and
seeing his SUV pass us regularly along the 60 mile route was comforting.

I couldn’t recommend Pure Mountain Mojo more. Find your “magic power” and live
that long dreamed of ride.

Made it to the top with our "Magic Power"

Made it to the top with our “Magic Power”


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Ironman World Championships 2014

It was a last minute decision. I paid for it by a jacked up airfare, a three stop flight, long layovers and a totally messed up 30 hours to get home on the flight back. But it was worth it! The place is magical, the event will amaze you, the people will inspire you and the memories will carry you a long way on your own training adventures. There’s just nothing like KONA, Hawaii and the Ironman World Championships. I went to be immersed in the world and culture of endurance athletes. To see and hear first hand the amazing men and women committed to pushing the mental and physical limits of the human mind and body. I went to observe and learn about the strategies, the bikes and tools they use to overcome all that earth, wind and fire can throw at them for 140.6 miles of swimming, cycling and running. On Saturday October 11, 2014 it was the wind and the heat that nature used to break them down. As we assisted runners from the finish line to the medical area after 12-14 hours on the course, that was all we heard – “OMG the wind and the heat!” Several runners reported seeing riders literally being blown off their bikes on the return leg from Hawi. After seeing up close and personal how depleted the finishers were after being exposed to the harsh and hot conditions I was more convinced and committed to making sure next year to bring “A Cooler Way to Ride.”TM to Kona. To quote Douglas McArthur, “I shall return.” David C. Ironman2014

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