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Dave and Elliot with Team Donate Life

Dave and Elliot with Team Donate Life


One June 16, 2015 Dave Stoker and team mate Elliot Block both from Sacramento, CA clipped in and headed east from Oceanside CA for 860 miles across the deserts of Arizona and southern Utah into the mountains of Colorado. Along the way the two climbed more than 40,000 feet. Known as RAW, the Race Across the West is cycling to the EXTREME.

Dave mentioned the shock to his system after leaving the cool conditions along the shore and within a few hours pedaling in 116 degrees F. Across Arizona the temps stayed in triple digits up to 113 F. This years RAW set course record temperatures and the percentage of “DNF’s” was reported to be over 50%.

We stayed in touch with the team as each rested in one hour intervals for an uninterrupted ride of over 90 hours. The texts were coming in, “Using Spruzza a lot!” “Helping tremendously.” Did they still feel the 113 F heat…sure but as predicted the ability to stay cooler slowed their rates of fatigue. RAW is clearly a race of attrition. While this years field was getting devastated by the extreme conditions, Dave and Elliot with Team Donate Life, had enough of a cooling edge to not only win their 50-59 age division but the 2 man team category overall and by over 2 hours.

Dave passing through Monument Valley AZ   FIRST PLACE FINISHERS

After a week or so of rest and recovery SPRUZZA caught up with Elliot who shared the following with us. Later Dave and Elliot got together and put together a nice short video for us on their experience. Click on the image below to view.








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