Spruzza: Cooling at Your Fingertips.


Cooling down never gets old. In the heat it feels great every time. Using Spruzza means no waiting for someone to hose you down or the next rest stop with a ride-through shower. It also means eliminating most, if not all, stopping to cool down you can do this on the ride.

Be amazed at how much better you’ll ride by lowering your perceived temperature 15-25 degrees (Fahrenheit) any time you feel the stress of heat.

When you’re cool, you can ride forever…or at least farther.

Ride Any Day, Any Time.

Did you miss your morning ride? Is it too hot the rest of the day?

The truth is, Spruzza can keep you cool enough to ride any day, any time.

Open up your day and expand your opportunities to ride. You know what they say, “The truth will set you free!”

Make the Best of a Hot Ride.

Looking for an edge to beat the distance, the time, or the competition? Nothing [legal] is better than being able to stay cool while everyone else is suffering in the heat.

Here’s a little-known fact: air is thinner in the heat, which means a significant reduction in wind resistance. If you can maintain your temperature and ride in thinner air, you’re going to ride stronger. It’s science!

Compartmentalize Your Water.

In some places, water is a very precious commodity. Your bike is one of those places. Spruzza allows you to maximize the use of every ounce you carry.

No more wasting valuable water dumping it over your head. No need to carry extra water (and extra weight) bottles for drinking and cooling. Spruzza compartmentalizes your water allowing maximum cooling efficiency at a minimum volume and weight.

Commute in Comfort.

You’re committed to riding. It’s good for you, good for the environment, and usually it’s fun. But it’s been a very long and stressful day and you’re rethinking the decision to step out in the heat and ride home. Leather seats and air-conditioning make a pretty compelling argument….unless your bike is also cool.

Sometimes one less thing to worry about can be the tipping point. Spruzza is A Cooler Way to Ride.™