Whatever your reason for riding, training, recreation or commuting having the ability to stay cool or cooler in the heat adds much in the way of performance and enjoyment.

Safety First

Spruzza is designed and manufactured to be a safe and reliable tool for all riders to beat the heat. Be sure to use it at safe speeds, stable terrain and in controlled riding situations. Read Spruzza Safety for more information.

Training and Performing

“The harder your body works to cool itself, the faster you fatigue.”   The basic physiology of thermoregulation and performance.

  • Interval training and cool recovery periods.
    • Keep your recovery segment speeds above 12 mph and use your Spruzza-the dramatic cooling effect can assist in prepping you for the next high intensity effort.
    • Keeping yourself cooler during intense training rides can also help you recover for the next day’s ride.
  • Endurance means a lot of time on the bike. Even if you start early in the cool of the day towards the end of the ride it’s often really heating up. Using Spruzza will help and mean more with each passing mile and degree of heat.
  • Time to Ride: Having confidence in a solution to stay ahead of heat stress can open up many more opportunities to ride any day and time.

Recreational Riding

  • Health and Wellness: The couch can be pretty compelling on a hot day. Having confidence that you can avoid suffering in the heat can be a big help getting you off the couch and on the trail in spite summer temperatures.
  • Enjoyment: You know you’re dedicated to riding and your health, but you’re not dedicated to suffering. Heat is a big reason we suffer riding in the summer. Stop suffering you’ve got A Cooler Way to Ride.


  • Is a great way to combine three great reasons to ride: Training, health & wellness and environmental concerns. Oh and saving cash on the high cost of gas.
  • But after a long day on the job, swinging a leg over the bike and heading into the sun can challenge anyone’s commitment to their “why” for commuting. Unless you have a reliable way to beat the heat and ride comfortably home.

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