It’s just a coincidence but an ironic one, that the new September/October issue of “OutSpokin” the trade publication of the National Bike Dealers Association has as the cover story this opening paragraph, “Though the number of bike shops continues to drop each year, with another four percent decline projected in 2015…”

This Sunday August 23rd the day before I received this issue our own community of Folsom contributed, sadly to that four percent.

I was a bit “stunned” to log onto my Facebook feed to see BICYCLE PLANET post “Today is our last day.”


My son and I dropped in Sunday afternoon, shocked but committed to paying our respects, expressing a heartfelt sorrow, passing on our best well wishes but most important to say THANK YOU for such a great level of support, service, comradery, advice and for the particular distinction of being our very first bike shop customer.

This is just one man’s, one company’s story about BICYCLE PLANET, Keith the owner and Matt the general manager, it does however mean a lot to share it. I hope you take a minute to listen.

Local bike shops can be and usually are a significant part of any community on so many levels. Folsom’s shops are certainly no exception. If anything they underscore the rule. They are the place where fun on two wheels is imagined, shared, fixed, bought, sold and starts and finishes. For most cyclists it’s the “common” place where people of all shapes, stripes, income, education and background become one in mind and purpose. To feel like a kid again, to race against the clock, to beat the distance or your very best friend.

For me, BICYCLE PLANET had all of those features and a few others less common. They were an advisor, mentor, focus group, test pilot, marketing partner and eventually a customer.

This aspect of what BICYCLE PLANET contributed is WHY local bike shops are SO integral to our business community and the bicycle industry at large. Keith and Matt were INNOVATION partners with us. While they didn’t risk their money they did give and risk their time, experience and expertise. BICYCLE PLANET shared their stage with us. They told our story, leveraged their reputations, and stood behind our vision to help make bicycling a better experience.

Keith and Matt had no more assurances than we did or do that our idea-vision will be successful in the long run but they had the patience, wisdom and courage to take a reasonable, calculated risk to try it. Any industry, company or organization that wants to survive, grow and change the world has to do exactly what Keith and Matt did for us and for themselves.

There are absolutely NO guarantees, but BICYCLE PLANET did the right thing and for that we are deeply grateful.

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