I spent 4 great days at Interbike 2015 in Las Vegas.

Interbike-2015 Sign


It’s an overwhelming experience. In some ways it called to mind a passage in the gospel of Matthew “Again the devil took Him up on an exceedingly high mountain, and showed Him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory.”

I saw the bicycle kingdom and all its glory.

As your mind begins to absorb and process the incredible variety of bikes, technology, gear, accessories, apparel, and style one fundamental principle seems to explain how it all came to be: DEMAND drives INNOVATION.

What is the DEMAND for? A better EXPERIENCE. What that better experience is can be a different as people themselves. For some it’s a better performance, for others it’s more comfort and enjoyment, some want style, to get noticed on their bike. A lot of people need a bike and gear that lowers barriers of entry, risks of injury and makes the experience on the bike: EASY, SAFE and COMFORTABLE.

I dropped by Selle Royal, a high end bike saddle [seat] maker from Italy. Demand for a better experience sitting on a bike for a long period of time drove an innovation in design developed by scientists from the University of Cologne in Germany. Data collected from hundreds of people allowed product engineers to create the new Scientia. A saddle that optimizes comfort and performance.






Italian saddle pad maker, La Fonte showcased the PREDATOR SAT, “the new hi-tech concept for a perfect interaction between body and bike.”

La Fonte




SRAM, was there and I like hundreds of others were amazed by the launch of “wireless” electronic shifting. In their own words they describe the innovation philosophy, “At SRAM, we know that if a technological advancement clutters the experience, it shouldn’t be called an advancement at all. Because it’s a bicycle. It’s supposed to be simple.” What was the demand that drove innovation? A better shifting experience. “Shift more, with less effort, spend less time doing it. Shifting has never been more intuitive or as easy.”








Listed by Bicycling Retailer and Industry News [aka BRAIN] as being among this year’s showstoppers was the TURBINE.

I had a chance to chat with Dr. Mitchell Anderson, Sports Medical Advisor about TURBINE’s innovation to improve breathing through your nose. The TURBINE promises to improve airflow and boost performance by increasing the efficiency and flow of air through your nose by 38%. I tried it, but wouldn’t show a picture to my wife, lest she think that Vegas mentality led me to get a yellow nose ring, but I definitely noticed a difference.







As I hopped in my van to head back home, images, information and conversations still buzzing and floating in my head what percolated up was that from the top of your head to the tip of your toe and every part in between DEMAND is driving INNOVATION for any marginal gain in the EXPERIENCES we have on the bicycle.

Vegas-heading home

My time on the bike which I assume is for you, precious. I have to admit I want each and every ride, every minute I can get on two wheels to be a great experience. Why was I at Interbike? What can I contribute to the glory of the bicycle kingdom? Like SRAM, our idea is simple, it doesn’t “clutter” the experience it simply makes it cooler. No matter how much you’ve got invested in your bike, gear, tech, and accessories, no matter what experience you demand from your ride, when it’s HOT the one thing that’s still missing, the one thing in that moment that will improve EVERYTHING would be the ability to cool yourself down.

This is the reason I came to Interbike. We have developed “A Cooler Way to Ride.”

How you felt at the end of any ride effects how you feel about riding in general. With all you have invested, with all the time you spend, with all the memories you’ve stored, SPRUZZA wants you to “Remember the Ride, not the Heat.”

Try it, experience it. If it doesn’t improve every other aspect of your riding when it’s hot, just send it back. We guaranty you’ll love the way you feel.

EVAN-ROAD BIKEWith Spruzza, “I’m training harder, riding longer, feeling less fatigue and recovering faster.”

Evan Huffman. Pro cyclist with Astana and Team Smartstop.

This sounds like a better experience to us.


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