We Went to FASTER to prove you won’t go SLOWER



We took SPRUZZA into the Arizona HEAT this year to prove there is no aerodynamic penalty for having “A Cooler Way to Ride” on your bike.

We worked closely with the James Kramer owner of FASTER, named “The Best Bike Shop in America in a 2014 NBDA survey and Aaron Ross the wind tunnel technician.

Located in Scottsdale, Arizona the shop features a state of the art wind tunnel and testing equipment all designed specifically for the BIKE. Numerous bike companies, product manufactures, professional racing teams and countless “serious” cyclist use the tunnel to discover how they push the air.

After reading an article a 2014 article in LAVA MAGAZINE about wind tunnel testing bike helmets we were inspired to put Spruzza to the test for the same reason and conclusion the article reported. The helmet maker GIRO tested three of their helmet categories – Aerodynamic efficiency, ultra-light weight and ventilation [cooling] capacity in the FASTER wind tunnel. Each helmet was evaluated in a matrix of aerodynamics, weight and cooling capacities. The conclusion was that your best choice was selecting a helmet with the highest ventilation. Reason? Because you’re more likely to “blow up” on your race or ride from overheating than by carrying a few extra grams of weight or pulling a few extra grams of drag.

After reviewing and researching the data and analysis we knew immediately SPRUZZA belongs in this decision mix. The reason is both simple and clear. Spruzza weighs about the same as  all the helmets tests [actually much less empty], has less aerodynamic impact on the rider-bike combination than any of the helmets AND provides 10 times the cooling capacity over the head, face and neck than any helmet tested.

What about cost? The helmets tested ranged from $175 to $250 while Spruzza with a 10 fold cooling advantage will run you just under $ 50.

Now that itself is pretty COOL.

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