Cold Case " A Cooler Way To Ride

Cold Case " A Cooler Way To Ride

June 15, 2017

When investigators run out of clues to solve a crime or mystery there is some period of time after which it earns the classification of a “cold case”. It’s in a limbo of sorts, not closed, not discarded, just lanquishing and not solved. For the truly dedicated in any field a cold case is always a lingering temptation and challenge. An intellectual low hanging curve ball, waiting, waiting to get knocked out of the park.

Ever since around 1820 when Baron Karl von Drais patented the Laufmaschine commonly known as the velocipede, the drive to go faster, farther and “funner” has fueled amazing enhancements for bike and biker.

From frames, wheels, brakes, group sets, aero bars, and cockpit the bike has turned from pure utility into the most commercially successful, high tech, health benefiting, environmentally sound, fun form of self propelled human transportation on the planet. Interestingly but often overlooked is that no matter what you cycle ride – high tech or not – you are the engine.

Here’s where the cold case hangs. Engines…hmmm? Lets remember three cardinal rules for engines.

  1. Never run out of fuel
  2. Never run out of water
  3. Never let it overheat.

As cyclists…ummm…engines we have a cacophony of choices for fuel and hydration. Skim thru any bike mag, shuffle around any good independent bike retailer and you’ll find more options, strategies, philosophies, carbs, fats, protein, sodium, anti-oxidants, minerals, potions and the like to solve your performance, endurance mystery. We’ve got the commercial giants like COKE and GATOR-ADE as well as PhD’s huddled in research labs and in rented warehouses cranking out their “special-blend” guaranteed and testified to turn you into the “cannibal” on the bike you just know you were meant to be.

Solving the fueling and hydration problem, not withstanding small incremental improvements is pretty much a “closed case”.

That leaves number three in the triad of challenges for any engine, especially a human one focused on performance, endurance and enjoyment – beating-the-heat. Far from being solved, far from being “closed” the case for how to effectively keep your engine cooling while riding in hot environments isn’t even being seriously addressed. Maybe it’s in a class like the weather, you just complain about it but there’s really nothing do be done to change it.

What are the ways being used to address a cyclists need to dissipate heat – aka staying cooler?

Don’t ride – in other words just don’t start the engine.

Slow down – stay in first gear

Drink, drink, drink – really it just deals with the “never-run-out-of-water” problem

Ice Socks – really in the 21st century?

Carry lots of water [very heavy] use only when you’re about to die and dump it over your head.

Most of the water just hits the ground. Very inefficient and short lived

21st century cyclists deserve a practical solution to the unsolved challenge of sustained and effective cooling. We think it’s here and in the form of Spruzza.

Spruzza is the first “product” specifically designed for solving the mystery of how to “beat-the-heat”. The design incorporates all of the requirements for cyclists of any stripe, from weight, drag, ease of use, effectiveness, durability, safety and duration for rides of any length.

It’s light weight, 126 grams, less than an iPhone, its combined additional drag [sq.inches added] is less than 2. Spruzza mounts to your bike in about a minute and once mounted can be used and reused in about 30 seconds. The water reservoir holds about 5 ounces of water which on a hot ride will last up to 2 hours. Refilling is extremely easy and takes less than half a minute.

Benefits for solving this?

You can cool your head, face, ears, neck and even upper chest as much as 25 degrees – instantly and anytime you want. It’s no more difficult than turning on the A/C in your car. There is no wasting water with a Spruzza. Each spray consists of approximately 1 mL of water [0.029 ounce]. With 3-4 sprays your skin is coated with a mono-layer of refreshing water that combines the cooling effectiveness of evaporation and wind chill. The effect lasts between 5-10 minutes depending on the heat of the ride. This may not sound like much until you consider that every 5-10 minutes you can cool yourself down 25 degrees for the entire ride and using only about 5 ounces of water every 90-120 minutes.

Here is the real sizzle for solving this challenge for cyclists. Being able to stay cooler, ahead of the cumulative effects of the heat allows for several physiological and perceptual improvements while riding. It also allows you to confidently ride just about any time of the day.

An answer to a mystery gains credibility and validation by being tested and retested. Every cyclist has their own personal perceptions and effects while riding in the heat. Chris Froome, the 2013 Tour de France winner said, “I don’t think anyone enjoys riding in the heat. I guess I just suffer less than others.”

We’re confident Spruzza has taken a huge step forward solving this third challenge for bicycling performance and enjoyment. Take the test, tell us if we’ve solved the “COLD CASE” of beating the heat.

We think you’ll agree, Spruzza is “A Cooler Way to Ride.”

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