Spruzza - White Body

Spruzza is an on-board cooling system that attaches quickly and easily to your bike. Spruzza “air-conditions” by allowing you to spray just enough water to cover and cool your head, face and neck. The relief from the heat is immediate.

With Spruzza you can stay head of mounting heat stress – a long standing barrier to sustained cycling performance and enjoyment. For the first time effective, efficient cooling is at your fingertips anytime you want it.

Note: Package includes Spruzza, Reservoir, Stem Bracket, everything needed to attach and use.

Available in Black, Red, White, Pink, Green, Blue and Yellow accents
Also available in Black body

Bike and Fitting Requirements

  • Spruzza will fit most bikes with the following stem and stem angle specifications.
  • Minimum handlebar stem length approximately 70 mm or about 2.75 inches.
  • Minimum Stem to Head tube angle between 70-80 degrees depending on stem length.
  • Cables loose enough to slide Spruzza-Stem Riser and reservoir through them. You may need to lengthen cables to fit.


Additional Information

Weight (Empty) 127g
Weight (Filled) 284g
Height 7″
Length 9″
Width 1.75″
Volume of Reservoir ~5.3oz
Spray Unit Material ABS
Water Reservoir Material USP Class 6 Plastic, BPA-Free
Spray Volume ~1.0 ml/spray
Spray Pattern Circular; ~2-3” diameter
Net Increase in Surface Area ~2 square inches
Approx. Duration of Use Up to 2 hours