Our Story





For every “about us” story there’s a past, present and future. Presently, Spruzza is making cycling better by making it cooler. We are investing a lot of time, energy and money to bring a very practical, effective solution to one aspect that significantly impacts every cyclist’s ride during summer months – the heat. Cycling in the heat impacts every facet of riding from performance, to enjoyment, and even safety.

On really hot days, it can limit the ability to ride and often completely stop one from riding. By lowering perceived temperatures 15-25 degrees over your head, face and neck, many of the barriers to riding in hot climates are dramatically reduced.

You will perform better, enjoy riding more, and expand your options to ride any day and time – even at peak temperatures.

Spruzza is committed to getting more people on bikes as often as possible. We support a number of bicycle advocacy organizations such as People for Bikes and League of American Bicyclists. These organizations are doing tremendous work to improve access, infrastructure and safety for cyclists across the country. Spruzza supports the use of these advances and improvements by making biking more comfortable during the summer. Summertime brings the riders the longest days and generally the best weather, it’s just hot. Having a cooler way to ride should get more bicyclists on these new roads, lanes and trails.


Our Past

Founder David Carrozza recounts the birth of Spruzza.

The inspiration behind Spruzza happened on a hot ride along the American River Bike Trail in Sacramento, California. My son and I were passing Goethe Park when a misdirected sprinkler showered us for about 50 yards along the trail. Most cyclists can relate to that incredible cooling feeling. The feeling stuck. A few days later we were still thinking how can we take that with us? We began playing with some pretty strange prototypes to see if putting that “riding through the sprinkler” feeling at our fingertips would really work. It only took a couple of rides at temperatures over 95 degrees to answer the question. It works and it’s unbelievable.

We built five prototypes and filed a couple of patents over the summer of 2012. The Spruzza Team rode the entire summer in the heat of the Sacramento sun testing it out. We can state categorically Spruzza is “a cooler way to ride.” It does beat the heat allowing you to ride stronger, longer and more comfortably any day and any time.


Our Future

Spruzza can change the industry.

Spruzza will change the way you ride during hot weather; we are convinced of that. No matter what bike you ride, no matter what your reason for riding – when it’s hot there’s only one way to make biking better: make it cooler.
Every cyclist needs three things for a great ride: a way to hydrate, a way to refuel, and a way to stay cool.
Spruzza brings an affordable, effective and practical solution to stay cool for the first time to the world of bicycling.
Imagine how travel by automobile would be impacted if no matter how nice and expensive cars are, there was no air conditioning. Spruzza essentially is an air-conditioner for your bike. The impact on the ability, confidence and enjoyment to ride is amazing. That is our guarantee.