Care and Cleaning


Cleaning and caring for the Spruzza is quick and simple. It’s important to ensure using Spruzza is not only cool but safe and reliable.

Cleaning Your Spruzza

  • Two components of the Spruzza require regular cleaning: the water reservoir and the pump.
  • The water reservoir should be emptied after each ride.
  • Next, clear water out of the pump by pressing the trigger on the spray unit until the pump begins dispensing air – all the water has been pumped out of the spray unit tubing.
  • Before your next ride using the Spruzza, rinse the water reservoir a couple of time with fresh tap water, then fill it for the ride.
  • Prime the pump until water is consistently dispensed from the nozzle.
  • The reservoir is made to be dishwasher safe. Run it through a cycle after a prolonged storage or if you’ve left water in the reservoir for more than a few days. That’s it – be cool and enjoy the ride.

Care and Maintenance

We’ve designed the Spruzza to last season after season of hot weather riding. We’re pretty sure you’re going to get hooked having a cooler way to ride and will count on your Spruzza to deliver that every time. A few simple checks will ensure Spruzza will last and improve you riding mile after mile.

Before Each Ride

  • Check the reservoir is securely on the spray unit.
  • Check the spray unit is secure on the stem bracket – listen for the “snap” and give a quick easy tug.
Weekly or as Needed
  • Check that the stem bracket is tight on the handlebar stem – or if you take a fall.
Beginning or End of Each Hot Riding Season
  • Check the zip ties – at the beginning and end of each hot riding season. Replace if cracked.
  • Check the reservoir for any cracks or leaks – at the beginning of each hot riding season or after any falls.
  • Check the spray unit for any cracks – at the beginning or end of each hot riding season, also after any falls.
  • Check the spray unit for free range of motion at the beginning of each hot riding season.
  • Run the reservoir through the dishwasher especially if you’ve left water in it over the winter.
Spruzza is committed to delivering “A Cooler Way to Ride”. If your Spruzza fails to perform as intended simply contact us at, explain the issue, and Spruzza will send a prepaid shipping box/label. Then return the Spruzza and we will send you a replacement.