Cycling Can Get Hot

The Physiological Principle  

The fundamental physiological principle involved with the heat is: "The harder your body works to cool itself, the faster you fatigue".
Air is thinner in the heat, which means a significant reduction in wind resistance. If you can maintain your temperature and ride in thinner air, you’re going to ride stronger. It’s science!
When you’re cool, you can ride forever…or at least farther.




Intermittent Head and Face Cooling

Improves performance.
Lowers perceived exertion.
Slows fatigue.
Improves recovery.
Cooling the head and neck can result in improved performance, less fatigue and fast recovery. 

Spruzza applies just enogh water to drop your skin temperature 15-25 degrees Fehrenheit.


If you don't believe Spruzza works. Then, why are you dumping water? 

Spruzza is based on well known priciples - The physics of evaporative cooling -, something we've all experienced and enjoy.
Spruzza is not a new idea. It's just much more efficient delivery system.
When you dump water, you're dropping 4-6 ounces of water. If you used Spruzza, you would use 0.1 - 0.2 ounces of water.
Exact same science, more efficiently applied.


 Thermal Images

Don't just take our word for the cooling effect.
We've tested every aspect of out claims.
These are thermal images of skin temperatures using Spruzza, approximate wind speed 12 - 15 mph.

The faster you go, the more you cool.

Spruzza combines the effects of evaporation and wind chill.