Whatever bike you’re riding, whatever your reason for riding, you’re never going to get tired of cooling down.


Lowering your skin temperature 15º F - 25ºF is going to improve your riding experience.

The faster you go, the more you'll cool down. 

Cooling your head and neck can result in improved performance,  feeling less fatigued and faster recovery.




 The harder your body has to work to cool itself, the faster you fatigue


Spruzza helps by “outsourcing" sweating.
It assists your body’s efforts to cool by providing an external source of water.

Up to 60% of your blood flow can be redirected/shunted to the skin surfaces to eliminate heat.

Multiple fields studies confirm that cooling before and during intense exercise in the heat, can improve an athlete's "TUF". (Time Until Fatigue)




Spruzza Beats the Heat


It uses the best cooling system your body has - evaporation. Losing 2% body weight in the form of water loss can reduce power output and endurance.

Spruzza provides an external source of water for cooling, which lowers the degree and rate of water loss from your body.

By reducing the work your body has to perform to stay cool, you can improve your “TUF.”
If you can maintain your temperature and ride in thinner air, you're going to ride stronger.





     Do not waste water


    Spruzza is 20 times more efficient than dumping your water.

    No more wasting valuable water dumping it over your head. 

    When you dump water over your head you waste 4-6 ounces of water. If you use Spruzza, you use 0.1 - 0.2 ounces.

    Less need to carry extra water bottles (and extra weight) for drinking and cooling. 

    Exact same science, more efficiently applied.