Mounting Spruzza to Your Bike

Installation takes about three minutes…pretty cool already!

Step 1: The Stem Bracket:

  • Take the stem bracket with the concave surface “UP” and attach the self-sticking rubber pad to the bracket.
  • Take the bracket with the rubber pad attached and slip one of the two zip ties through the front opening of the bracket.
  • Place the bracket [rubber pad facing up] and position it under your bike handlebar stem
  • Loop the first zip tie around the handlebar stem and tighten securely. NOTE: the zip tie should allow you to fit the Spruzza to the handlebar stem even if you have a GPS device attached on top of the handlebar stem.
  • Repeat these steps with the second zip tie.
  • Be sure the bracket is snug and secure against the bottom of your handlebar stem.

Step 2: Attach the Water Reservoir to the Stem Riser

  • Insert the tubing from the stem riser into the opening on top of the reservoir.
  • Position the curved, leading edge of the reservoir to the right.
  • Line up the tabs on top of the reservoir with the slots on the bottom of the stem riser
  • Press the aligned tabs into the slots and turn the reservoir ¼ turn counter-clockwise so the curved edge of the reservoir is facing forward.
  • Gently tug on the reservoir to ensure it is securely attached.

Step 3: Attach the Spruzza and Reservoir to the Stem Bracket

  • Spread your brake and derailleur cables apart so the stem riser can fit through to reach the stem bracket mounted on the handlebar stem.
  • Align the grooves on the back end of the riser with the long tabs on the bottom of the bracket
  • Slide the riser onto the bracket until you hear or feel a “click” or “snap”
  • Gently pull forward on the Spruzza to ensure it is securely connected to the bracket.