What Are People Saying About Spruzza?
Just look at what a few of our customers have to say about their Spruzza experience. Want to share your experience? We want to hear from you! Contact us with your feedback.


  Evan Huffman -Pro cyclist rally cycling.

 “I was surprised how well Spruzza works. Using it I’m training harder, longer, feeling less fatigued and recovering faster.”

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Pav Bryan Owner – Head Coach PavBryan Coaching.

“I was very intrigued to hear more about Spruzza. Upon giving Spruzza a test, during a 30c+ (90f+) ride, I was amazed by the cooling effect it had on me. I certainly could see the benefits of using Spruzza during training and long rides where regulating temperature becomes the difference between successfully completing a session or not.”



Meredith W. - Sacramento CA

"The guys at Spruzza have created a great product. Recently I participated in a UC Davis Spots Medicine study on the efficacy of Spruzza. The results were not surprising to me, everyone who used it experienced a benefit. I expect we will hear more great things and see more great products from Spruzza in the future.
I live in Sacramento, which is blessedly sunny most days and cursingly hot throughout the Summer months. In the past, I would have to cancel bike rides if the weather got too hot for me. That is, until I learned about Spruzza. Spruzza is a simple device that attaches to the front of your bike allowing you to spray water on yourself while riding. Imagine riding through sprinklers on a hot Summer day--that's what if feels like."



Coach Dustyn - Total Body Fitness

"I am using it and YES I love it! Those HOT training rides no longer leave me with a HEAT headache, which is merely a symptom of decreased performance."



Jim T. - Folsom, CA

"Wow this really works. It's amazing how well it cools you down. Honestly, intellectually it was hard for me to believe it could work this well."



"As an amateur racer you're always looking for better ways to train and recover. Balancing work, life and time in the saddle is always a challenge. Finding quality time to train with a constantly changing schedule is difficult or impossible. Where I live in northern California summers can be super hot and if you miss your cool morning ride...you're either done for the day or you'll suffer in the hot afternoons.

That was true until I ran across Spruzza at a bike shop I used to work at. The shop owner started using it and went on how well it worked. So I tried it. It's an amazing advantage for hot weather riding. The heat virtually disappears, I'm less fatigued when I get back and I feel like I'm recovering faster after a hot ride.
For my busy schedule a big advantage with Spruzza is feeling comfortable and confident I can train anytime of day.
You'll definitely enjoy "A Cooler Way to Ride"."


Ryan J. - Folsom, CA

"Love my SPRUZZA!! I still hate the heat, but SPRUZZA really helps!!"



Mark Shaw Coach & Co-Owner Total Body Fitness

"I use Spruzza all the time for hot weather riding. It’s a tremendous help on HILL REPEATS and HIGH INTENSITY TRAINING. No heat headaches, it feels fantastic and helps me recover and be ready for the next climb."



Heidi W. Co-Owner Cat-Ears LLC - Colorado

“I tend to ride hot so using Spruzza was a no brainer for me. Recently I had to start monitoring my heart rate while I’m riding. I started to notice that my heart rate dropped 1-2 beats a minute every time I used it.  Spruzza is a cooler and safer way to ride.”