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Just came back from a 40+ mile ride in triple degree heat. I not sure I could have done it without the Spruzzamist. It made it so much easier and it’s cooling spray made it feel so much cooler. I was so impressed that I had to show it off to other cyclists at the coffee stop. Thank you so much for making this product.
– Larry
Hi. I saw a news segment earlier this week about your Spruzza and just had to have one. I live and ride in Davis, CA where it often is in the high 90s or over 100 degrees in the summer. I ordered the Spruzza to go on my classic road bike (Serotta frame, Campy group). I received it after only 3 days – great service!
– Allen
Never in a million years would I have gone on a bike ride, never mind SUGGESTED a bike ride, with temps over a hundred. Did just that yesterday. I invited Jim on a tempo ride at 3 in the afternoon. I wanted to really test my new Spruzza. It was awesome!

– Diane
I was given a Spruzza by a good friend of mine and acquaintence of yours, Victor Cosentini. I have attached some pictures of it on my bike. I have really enjoyed using it, it’s very lightweight, really can’t tell the difference with it on. I ride in the deep woods of Mississippi, even though we don’t have any mountains we have very steep hills and very high heat and humidity. The woods I ride in, Whirlpool Trails, part of the University of Mississippi Trail System, are very heavily forrested. In the summers there isn’t much of a breeze that can get thru the thick woods so the heat and humidity zaps your energy. I have found that when I spray myself with the Spruzzamist it ‘s so refreshing it just seems to give me a boost of energy to get me thru the ride. I think it’s a great device and very cleverly designed. I have been telling all my bike riding buddies about it. I have included a link to our local bike shop. Perhaps you could contact them about stocking the Spruzza. Thanks for a great product.
– John
Just wanted to say what a great product you have come up with- it sure beats pouring a water bottle over your head! It really does make a difference especially when I take a ride on my lunch hour in the mid-day heat. Thanks.
– Jeff
OK, so it has been a little while coming, but today I finally got to make use of my Spruzza…..and if I may say….I think I may have died without it. Not a long ride, but from downtown Sac to Davis today was a tad toasty. I think 95 degrees when I began around 2:30 PM or so. It just got warmer….and less shaded….and then there was the Causeway….Parts of me knew that if I were not cooling down along the way, it would likely have resulted in my turning around early on, or stopping to call a cab. 🙂 Being able to “spruzz” along my route was a make it or break it deal for me. (the hard core may call me a sissy, but I have experienced heat exhaustion and try to avoid that if at all possible) I will admit that I was afraid of using it too much and running out of water before reaching my destination, but it turns out that my worries were not necessary. 🙂 Thank you for the beautiful addition to my bike!
– Cheryl
I rode my bike with Spruzza last week. It was hot (90’s) and a little muggy. I loved SPRUZZA. It was easy to use and provided the perfect amount of water per spray. It kept my jersey wet in the chest area, which provided constant cooling between applications. It worked better than applying water to my head and back via water bottle, which I have done for decades. I did not have to use my water supply and the application to the neck and chest provided much better cooling than water on the back. I really appreciated the spray near the top of a 1k climb. I will use SPRUZZA on all my road bike workouts. Thanks.
– Mark
My overall impressions of the Spruzza cyclist cooling system:A surprisingly good product with many well-conceived and well-designed features; Very easy to install and use; Does as advertised – cools you down
– Ken
I really looked for things that would make me not like the product as i really don’t want to strap another item onto my bike. I struggled to find a good reason not to use it. … my overall experience, once i got over my pedantic nature, was a positive one. The device worked very well it was stable on my bike even at speed over rough terrain.