Refilling Spruzza

The Spruzza is designed for easy and quick refilling.

Step 1: Remove the Spruzza and Riser off the bracket

  • Gently lift the tabs on the back end of the stem bracket
  • While lifting the tabs pull the Spruzza and riser forward
  • The Spruzza should easily slide off the bracket

Step 2: Remove the Reservoir from the Riser

  • Gently turn the Reservoir clockwise ¼ turn to re-align the tabs on the reservoir top with the slots on the riser bottom.
  • When the tabs/slots are aligned gently pull off the reservoir from the riser.

Step 3: Refill the Reservoir

  • Pour water through the opening in the top of the reservoir from any bottle or potable water source.
  • Reconnect reservoir to riser
  • Reconnect Spruzza and riser to bracket

Storing Spruzza

Unfortunately summers don’t last forever. When nature provides all the cooling you need and more, you can store your Spruzza safely and neatly in the original package.

Option 1: Removing the Entire Spruzza

NOTE: Before storing your Spruzza for the winter be sure to empty the reservoir of water and prime the pump until it is dispensing air. Care and Maintenance Instructions:
  • Step 1: Remove the Spruzza and Reservoir from the stem bracket
  • Step 2: Remove the reservoir from the Spruzza Stem Riser
  • Step 3: Remove the Zip Ties and Stem Bracket from the handlebar stem
  • Step 4: Place all Spruzza components into their package “cubbies”

Option 2: Remove the Spruzza and Reservoir Only

Same as option 1 except you can leave the bracket attached to the handlebar stem with the zip ties [omit step 3 under option 1].The bracket only weighs about 15 grams.